Conference program

This international conference consists of  four oral sessions and one poster session. During all oral sessions leading scientists will present keynote lectures, followed by the principal investigators and PhD and postdoctoral researchers involved in the EC-funded ITN project LEANGREENFOOD ‘Enzyme technology for Lean and Green food processing’. In addition, presentations will be selected from the abstracts submitted for the conference.

Posters will be displayed during the entire conference, but on the first day a specific session will be dedicated to poster presentations.

Oral sessions:

I. Design of Sustainable Processes
II. Chemistry Reduction
III. Consumer Acceptance
IV. Water and Energy Reduction


Conference Program (downloadable pdf file)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Session 1: Design of sustainable processes. Chair: Professor Costantinos Georgiou

09:00    Onsite Registration

09:30    Welcome & Opening
            Constantinos Georgiou (Agricultural University of Athens) &
            Karsten Olsen (University of Copenhagen)

09:40    Keynote lecture: Sustainability in food production through micro- and nano-cellulose
            biotechnology development,

            by Athanasios Koutinas (University of Patras)

10:25    Guest lecture: Towards genome-wide sensor arrays for toxicants’ detection
            by Shimshon Belkin (University of Jerusalem)

11:10    Break

11:30    LeanGreenFood lecture: Development of microbial biosensors for food processing
            by Justyna Lukasiak (Agricultural University of Athens, University of Copenhagen)

11:50    LeanGreenFood lecture: Towards green food quality control. Fluidic automation technologies
            by Lucyna Lekawska-Andrinopoulou (Agricultural University of Athens)

12:10    LeanGreenFood lecture: Enzyme engineering to improve glucose oxidase stability
            by Nicole Roupain (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - CSIC)

12:30    Lunch

13:45    LeanGreenFood lecture: Enzyme activity measurement via spectral evolution profiling and
            multiway chemometrics

            by Andreas Baum (FOSS Analytical, Technical University of Denmark)

14:05    LeanGreenFood lecture: Development and applications of novel immuno-glycoarrays for
            high-throughput screening of glycosyl hydrolase activities

            by Silvia Vidal Melgosa (University of Copenhagen)

14:25    LeanGreenFood lecture: Enzymatic fingerprinting of pectin
            by Kok-Phen Yan (University of Southern Denmark)

14:45    Session summary by Constantinos Georgiou (Agricultural University of Athens)

14:55    Break

Session 2: Chemistry reduction. Chair: Professor Jørn Dalgaard Mikkelsen

15:25    Guest lecture: Enzyme development for food and feed applications
            by Rune Monrad (Novozymes)

16:10    Guest lecture: Structural dissection of the catalytic site of Thermotoga maritima
            β-galactosidase to determine key residues in the synthesis of prebiotic galacto-     oligosaccharides

            by David Talens-Perales (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - CSIC)

16:30   Guest lecture: Enzymatic methods of analysis based on flow injection analysis and zone fluidics
           by Paris Tzanavaras (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

16:50    LeanGreenFood lecture: Enzymes for opening biomass
            by Tao Feng (Technical University of Denmark)

17:10    LeanGreenFood lecture:
            Application of enzymes for extraction of lime pectin with functional properties
            by Malgorzata Maria Dominiak (DuPont-Danisco)

17:30    Poster session

20:30    Dinner

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Session 2 (continued): Chemistry reduction. Chair: Professor Jørn Dalgaard Mikkelsen

09:00    Keynote lecture: Life cycle assessment of hydrocolloids
            by Mikkel Thrane (DuPont)

09:45   LeanGreenFood lecture: Structural modification of enzymes for immobilization on solid supports
           by Roberto Tumolo (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - CSIC)        

10:05    LeanGreenFood lecture: Development of new oligosaccharide synthesis routes
            by Alexandra Zakharova (Technical University of Denmark)

10:25    LeanGreenFood lecture: Evaluation of pressure tuning of enzymes
            by Mahsa Naghshineh (Agricultural University of Athens & University of Copenhagen)     

10:45    Session summary by Jørn Dalgaard Mikkelsen (Technical University of Denmark):

10:55    Break

Session 3: Consumer acceptance. Chair: Professor Klaus Grunnert

11:25    Keynote lecture: Consumer Acceptance of Innovations

            by Ben Lowe (Kent Business School, University of Kent)

12:10    LeanGreenFood lecture:
            Attitude formation towards new food technologies through evaluative conditioning
            by Natascha Loebnitz (Aarhus University, Wageningen University)

12:30    Round table discussion

13:10    Portable lunch

13:30    Social activity: Visit to Ouranoupolis and guided cruise to Mt. Athos

Thursday 13 June 2013

Session 4: Water and energy reduction. Chair: Professor Anja Janssen

09:00    Keynote lecture: Biodiversity in the enzyme world: alternatives for natural food processing
by Marco van den Berg (DSM Food Specialities)

09:45    Guest lecture: Real time, molecular level observation of the action of single cellulases and
            combination of cellulases on cellolose fibers

            by John Dutcher (University of Guelph)

10:30    LeanGreenFood lecture: Wheat gluten hydrolysis at low water contents
            by Nicolas Hardt (Wageningen University)

10:50    LeanGreenFood lecture:
            Influence of initial protein concentration on the mechanism of enzymatic hydrolysis
            by Claire Butré (Wageningen University)

11:10    Break

11:40    LeanGreenFood lecture:
            Synergistic action of enzyme preparations towards recalcitrant corn silage polysaccharides
            by Klaus Neumuller (DSM Food Specialties)

12:00    LeanGreenFood lecture: Kinetic modelling of enzymatic hydrolysis of carbohydrates
            by Karolina Bednarska (Wageningen University)

12:20    Session summary by Anja Janssen (Wageningen University)

12:30    Closing remarks, Karsten Olsen (University of Copenhagen)

12:40    Lunch

LeanGreenFood meeting

14:00    LeanGreenFood consortium meeting (Steering Committee, Supervisory Board and Advisory Board)