LEANGREENFOOD Conference 2013

Enzymes in sustainable food production

Enzymes to extract and modify food ingredients based on starch, pectin and proteins can be used in the food industry  as alternatives to standard methods.  This will reduce the emission of chemicals such as nitric acid in the pectin industry, and limit the water and energy use in starch and protein refinery processes. It is an imperative necessity for the food industry to develop new food production systems to meet global challenges related to environmental awareness, sustainability and consumer expectations. The challenges industry faces are better utilization of natural resources to create high-added value products from biomass/agricultural raw materials with less water consumption, reduced energy expenditure and limited use of chemical reagents and synthetic ingredients.


This conference will highlight the developments in enzyme modification for sustainable food processes, produced by young researchers (PhD students and post doctoral fellows) who were member of the Lean Green Food network. Contributions from scientists outside the network are also welcome.